One-on-One session

A One-on-One session with Stefanie is a very powerful and peaceful experience. It can be done in person and over the phone.

One-on-One sessions are very unique in that Stefanie is given specific messages about any block you might be harboring that might be keeping you from your experience of peace in your mind and life.

From Stefanie:

When someone requests a One-on-One session, I prepare for the session. In other words I go into silence and ask the spirit what I need to know about that individual. The answer I am given is usually very specific and directly pinpoints the “splinter” that might be keeping someone from their peace. Of course discovering what the splinter is is just the beginning. The splinter is the nugget I work with during the session, and I don’t always convey the exact message I received to the person, unless it is appropriate and they are opened to receiving it.

I have received many messages about people and what their splinter (or block) is. Following are a few examples of messages I’ve received about folks:

“She is addicted to judgment, judging herself and others.”

“She has no gratitude in her life.”

“He is emotionally unavailable.”

“She cannot tolerate life.”

“He has ‘sticky feet’, and is unable to move forward.”

“She is expressing love as fear.”

“She is suffering from a low vibration.”

“She was a bully in a previous lifetime and is balancing and hence experiencing a form of bullying in this lifetime.”


Stefanie has been told by countless people that they feel genuinely affected and loved during her readings. This is the most powerful and beautiful thing you can do for another human being – surround them with spiritual love. Splinters are pulled out and dissolved in the light of love.

Praise for One-on-One sessions:

“I was in therapy for six months, and I got more out of one session with Stefanie than all the therapy combined.”

“Everything Stefanie said during my spiritual reading resonated with me.”

“Stefanie is a true mentor.”

Stefanie does readings at the following 2 locations in St. John’s:

First Location:

Golf Avenue, St. John’s NL

To Book a Spiritual Reading at this  location

PHONE: (709) 739-4892


Second Location:

Rosewood Day Spa | Sheraton Newfoundland Hotel

To Book a One-on-One session at the Rosewood:

PHONE: 709-739-0923



Telephone sessions are also available by appointment by contacting Stefanie direct.

PHONE: (709) 739-4892


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