Mark Brown introduces Stefanie

 “I’ve been all over the world and have seen many speakers and presenters, but I’ve only seen a few who can hold a space like you did today. You have a great gift.”


Stefanie is a Spiritual Trainer who has the gift of deeply empowering others through her workshops and private sessions. She works with channeled messages (coined Messages to Love©), and draws on a vast storehouse of personal development and metaphysical material (namely A Course in Miracles and the Urantia Book) and of course her own personal experience.  Her presentations are unscripted so get ready to go off the rails – where the real spirit comes alive and causes alchemy to happen.She offers a variety of workshops and One-on-One sessions.
Each workshop is a moment in time that will never be duplicated. It is a place where the Spirit of Truth emerges– bringing forth guidance and answers that are both radical and healing. . . always loving, simple and applicable. When someone asks a question during a group session the last thing they get is a cookie cutter response. It is fresh and tailor-made to that moment. These sessions are powerful because they work on every level of your being, they break down barriers and bring real relief by suggesting a completely new way of seeing life. It is a blessing to be part of this new kind of spiritual healing therapy.




Stefanie was awarded the YMCA Peace Medallion for her work as a spiritual leader and peacemaker, inspiring individuals through her workshops, book and practice. 


Recent Comments from Participants

“Stefanie, you are wise beyond words. You have such a quiet, peaceful way of delivering your messages, yet so impactful! It’s as if I am left wanting to hear more, just to make sure I got it right. You have a special gift with words.”

“There are many who are doing what you are doing – motivational speaking, workshop facilitating and so forth. But you are a rose among roses, and it’s time you took this to the next level.”

“Many who are drawn to what you offer are on transformational paths, and are “spiritual” but really don’t have an idea of what the experience of spirituality can really mean, the depth of it beyond shallow waters. You can really pull them in.”

“Thank you Stefanie for the wonderful and inspiring afternoon”

“Stefanie’s being, experience, insights and knowing flows in channels of healing and love. She understands about the underlying unity of all being and the illusory nature of separateness. I trust her and commend her to anyone seeking to awaken from the dream.”

“After today’s workshop I feel like I’ve been bathed and showered in Love.”

“Much of my growth is because of your gifted,  guided,  true teachings.  I am a much better and stronger person because of you. And for that Stefanie I will forever be grateful.”

“I would call what you do channelled divine guidance.”

“In a group setting you ask people the exact question they need to hear, without knowing them or their personal issue. I find that amazing.”

Stefanie has a beautiful way to promote/trigger/help one heal.”

Stefanie’s teachings have impacted me. Her profound statements have resonated within.”

  “I give gratitude that God has placed you in my path. Bless you for your divine guidance as I travel on the road less traveled.”

Stefanie has a gift of connecting with others and helping them empower themselves.”

“Thank you for listening and believing in me. Your words are worth a million dollars.”

Stefanie’s gift is a miracle and empowers others.”

Stefanie makes the most difficult things in life seem simpler.”

 “You are so open, I can understand why and how this is filling you and affecting everyone you come in contact with. It is a wonderful thing, this new way.”

“I just wanted to say how clearly you articulate the messages you receive and how beautifully you interpret their meaning for others.”

“I admire Stefanie’s courage and energy as a spiritual teacher- non judgmental and extremely helpful to all she comes in contact with. You’ll find her where Spirit unites with Love!”

“You have been a quiet and profound influence and you have so beautifully supported my emerging spirit self.”

“I must tell you I often think about our session we had. Your message has been of great help to me and I work on it all the time.”

Stefanie Finn is an astounding individual whom I have had the great pleasure of getting to know in recent years. Her dedication to inspiring individuals in the ways of positive energy and personal peace-making is quite incredible. I am a richer person for knowing her and for having experienced her motivating and supportive influence. I highly recommend her as a personal trainer of the spirit.
~Sheilagh O’Leary, 2012 


Message to Love

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